Now Repping Okamura

by Colin Baker 12-10-2018

Seibold Baker is excited to partner with the Okamura Corporation, the world's second largest office furniture manufacturer.  The Okamura Corporation had its beginnings in 1945, based in the town of Okamura in Yokohama, Japan.  Since its founding, Okamura has provided high-quality products under the belief that 'Quality pays for itself.'  From concept to completion, Okamura products are brimming with the creative spirit.  Even the smallest details push the boundaries of conventional design, creating something entirely new and wholly unique, again and again.  The combination of quality and design changes the way people work, collaborate and create.  Beautiful human-focused furniture creates a happier, healthier and more productive workplace and it is Okamura's goal to provide that opportunity to everyone!

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