EKO Links

EKO Idea Starters - EKO offers a resource of Idea Starters searchable by planning scenario, market and space type.  Browse a gallery of Idea Starters and download the desired Idea for use in AutoCAD, Project Matrix or 20/20 CAP. 

EKO Product Overview

EKO Healthcare Project List


Miscellaneous Links

Freight Terms Summary Sheet



GSA Contract Summary Sheet

Miscellaneous Buying Contract Summary Information - Includes IUC-PG, NEAA, NCPA, TIPS

EKO NEAA Contract

Sandler Seating TIPS Contract

Sitmatic NCPA Program

SurfaceWorks NCPA Contract


Current Spiff Forms

EKO Spiff Registration Form

Sitmatic High Road Spiff Registration Form

SurfaceWorks Spiff Registration Form

W-9 Form


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