Designer Spotlight

Our manufacturers regularly work with some of the most creative product designers in the business.  Here are some websites and articles of interest featuring some of those  designers.  If you are interested in being featured on our designer spotlight please contact us.

David Fox

Designers of Boss Design's Kruze chair & Magic stools

Jess Sorel

Designer of Tuohy's Edo lounge series & Coda private office series, & EKO's PowWow & Mozzo collection 

Peter Opsvik

Designer of HAG's Capisco & Capisco Puls series

HAG Capisco Design Brief

Tim deFiebre

Designer of Harter's Forum series & Tuohy's Bryant Park lounge seating

Joey Ruiter

Designer of izzy's Sylvi and Fixture Furniture's Dewey product line

Bang Design

Designers of Harter's Olivia series


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