Miscellaneous Links

Freight Terms Summary Sheet

Workrite Freight Terms Chart - Note there is a 6% of net tariff on all Conform, Ascent, Solace & Lighting orders 

Stack Seating Comparison Chart

Brayton Lounge Seating Comparison Chart

Brayton Guest Seating & Stools Comparison Chart

EKO Idea Starters - EKO offers a resource of Idea Starters searchable by planning scenario, market and space type.  Browse a gallery of Idea Starters and download the desired Idea for use in AutoCAD, Project Matrix or 20/20 CAP.

EKO Product Overview



Miscellaneous Contract Summary Information - Includes TIPS, IUC-PG, NEAA, NCPA, US Communities, COSTARS, PEPPM

GSA Contract Summary Sheet

HBF GSA Contract Info (Michigan Only)

PEPPM Contract Details - ISE

Sitmatic NCPA Program

SurfaceWorks NCPA Contract

TIPS Contract Details - ISE

TIPS Contract Details - SurfaceWorks


Current Spiff Forms

EKO Spiff Registration Form

Workrite Spiff Info

Workrite Spiff Registration Form

Sitmatic Spiff Registration Form

SurfaceWorks Spiff Registration Form

W-9 Form


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